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Are you tired of all the overly priced yet low-quality article writing services that quite frankly reword already published content? Are you looking for professional article writing that blows your competition out of the water, with well-researched writeups that add to your credibility and business image?

At Copywriting Services Pro, we are content marketing experts. Headed by award-winning copywriter Bill Jefferson,  we have been writing website content, blog posts, and SEO articles for close to 13 years! If anything, that makes us the oldest and most experienced writing service today.

Our years of experience ensure that you are delivered excellent quality articles that are search engine optimized and ready to publish without editing. We take extra care to ensure that all articles are checked using commercial plagiarism checkers, despite basing all content on independent research.

Have a question about our article writing service? Feel free to call us today, or better yet, leave us a message, and we'll get back to you.

Don't believe us? Check out our rates below.


PBN Quality Articles 

  • One 500-Word Article
  • 3-Day Delivery
  • Hand written articles
  • Copyscape Passed 

Money Site Quality Articles 

  • One 500-Word Article
  • 3-Day Delivery
  • Hand written articles
  • Researched and written by a professional
  • Copyscape Passed 
  • Grammarly Premium Passed

$ 14.99

Guest Post Quality Articles 

  • One 500-Word Article
  • 3-Day Delivery
  • Hand written articles
  • Researched and written by a professional
  • Copyscape Passed 
  • Grammarly Premium Passed
  • Checked and Edited by Our Editor to ensure top-notch quality 


Drafted by Experts 

All articles are drafted by native English speaking writers with years of experience.

Thoroughly Researched 

Our high quality writing service ensures that all articles are thoroughly researched. So, you can be assured of factual accuracy regardless of the type of articles you order.

Money Back Guaranteed

If the articles we deliver have errors or are not as per your instructions you have a right to get your money back! However, this does not apply to 'PBN Quality Articles'.


Why Choose Our Article Writing Services?

99% of our clients come through referrals! That's one of the reasons why we've never had to advertise and continue to rely on good word of mouth. However, if this is your first time stumbling across our writing services, then here are a couple of reasons to choose us over the competition:

We don't outsource - Unlike other article writing services, you directly communicate with the person writing your articles. While outsourcing can save us a bundle of cash, it also means that it would be near impossible to control the quality of what is produced. That's why all articles are produced by a small team of in-house writers, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning.

We care about quality - Our content writing service does not aim to complete an article ASASP so that we can move on to the next project. The goal for us is to deliver an article worth reading and linking to. It may often mean spending more time on research, but it's a big part of making sure that we deliver quality articles.

Affordable custom content creation - Honestly, buying quality articles are expensive. However, we've worked hard to ensure that our writing services are competitively priced without compromising the quality of our service...as it should be. That means we deliver the best value for money.

You will be satisfied - We have a team of expert writers who will work with you to produce easy-to-read, well-written, and research articles. However, if you're not satisfied for some reason, we will work until you are!

Search optimized content - We make sure that every article is also search engine optimized. In other words, they are drafted to rank with the least number of backlinks pointing to them. That said, depending on the competitiveness of your niche, you might need to point a few backlinks to the article(s), but we give you an excellent start.

Fast turnaround time - We deliver articles within the committed time frame. However, in some cases where the articles may require more research, we reserve the opportunity to work on them for a little longer.

Why not give our free professional article writing a shot? Contact us to find out more.

eBook Writing Process


SEO Articles

If you want to get bucket loads of organic traffic from Google or even any other search engine for that matter, your articles need to be optimized. Furthermore, you're going to need lots of well-optimized content to start ranking. That's not just our experience but also of many top SEOs in the industry.

We have been writing SEO articles for over a decade. During this time, our content hasn't just helped businesses rank but also convert. You see, ranking brings in traffic, but if the content isn't conversion-focused, all that traffic is worthless. After all, your business needs conversions to survive.

Many of our clients continue to rank without a single backlink! While backlinks are an important part of ranking, the first step is quality, well-optimized SEO articles. That's where we come in.

We have confidence that our search engine optimized articles will help you rank as they have for many of our clients. If anything, it will shorten the time it takes to go from not ranking to ranking a page.


Native English Speaking Article Writers

It is unfortunate that the article writing industry is dotted with writers who aren't native speakers. While that has meant businesses can buy lots of cheap articles, the fact is that those types of articles are a waste of time and money. If anything, low-quality, poorly written articles reflect badly on your brand's image. 

Think about it this way: Would you hire an interior design company if their office looks anything less than perfect? Similarly, most people don't do business with companies with poor-looking websites, badly worded content, or articles that appear to be written by someone who perhaps speaks English as a second language.

Everything from your website content to product descriptions and even guest posts should be well written. At the very least, well-written content gives a great first impression.

So, don't waste your money on hundreds of pages of low-quality content when just a few pages of top-notch content deliver better results.

Get in Touch

Have questions about our article writing service? Want to see a couple of relevant samples? Then get in touch with us today.

The best writing service I've used in years! I highly recommend them for anyone who wants high quality search engine optimized content writing at a sane price.

Brian Caleb 

Washington, DC 

The writing you get back is excellent. They are hands down the best article writing service. I'm going to buy a lot more content from them for sure.

Layla Sanders 

Sarasota, FL

The service they provide is great! The article writers do their research and so very little input was required from me. I would recommend that you get the service and try it out.

Richard E. 

Huston, TX 

Our Custom Content Creation Process

When you place an order with us, we get right to work, working on your order. However, we will need a few things before we can start working on your order:

  • Titles for each one of the articles you need to be written
  • Keywords you want each article optimized for
  • Reference links for us to research
  • Your phone number just in case we need to get in touch with you

Requesting Revisions Online

While rare, we sometimes miss the mark, or there is a misunderstanding. Regardless, we also understand that it isn't your fault and accept responsibility for any potential errors. Fortunately, our article writing service does not just make ordering the content you need easier, but requesting revisions is hassle-free too.

You can email us your revision request. Make sure that the request includes:

  • Titles of the articles you need to be revised
  • A short description of what you think went wrong

A member of our team will then get back to you with a turnaround time for when you can expect the revised articles back. Generally, it can be between 4-6 business days.

Let us Write Your Articles

As a business owner, you can probably write your own articles. If anything, nobody understands your business better than you. However, why waste your time writing content when you have other critical business-related matters to take care of? Whether you need a few articles a month or a couple of articles each week, our professional writers will keep up with your need for fresh content.

Unlike other article writing services, we don't have a zillion pricing tiers; instead, there is only one tier, and that's the best quality tier. Our pricing includes everything, i.e., taxes, service fee, credit card processing fee, and revisions. So, the prices you see are what you pay.

However, if you need social media posts, blog content, and guest post articles regularly, we will be more than happy to negotiate a bulk monthly pricing structure.

You can be assured that regardless of what we charge, you're guaranteed original content!

Contact Us to find out how to get a free article delivered within 48 hours.

Your Business Deserves the Best Article Writing Services

Our Writers Deliver Impactful, Well Researched and Original Articles  

Consider us your one-stop solution for all your content writing, land page copy, and social media copy needs. Whether you need tweets, blog posts, product descriptions, or guest post articles, look no further than us.

We have been writing as a team for over a decade. Many of our article writers have, over the years, mastered the art of drafting copy that delivers on the promise of our quality and originality.  That is why our articles have helped clients get found, linked back to, and talked about on social media.

Much of the content we’ve written over the years has gone viral to the delight of our clients. The majority of clients have continued to use us and grow thanks to the value we offer and the growth they can expect with the content we deliver.

Every article written is drafted with your exact specifications. Whether it is keyword optimization, the number of paragraphs, or the number of bold words, we do it all. Furthermore, we have a reputation for never missing deadlines. Regardless of the size or nature of your order, we will deliver on time, even under extraordinary circumstances.

At Copywriting Services Pro, our writing service helps bring your project to fruition quicker while staying on budget!

Our goal has always been to deliver high quality original content that not only helps get backlinks, shares, and likes but gets ranked by Google. Our writers understand the best practices involved in writing search optimized content, and we continue to refine the process by using the latest most effective tools that have proven to deliver the best results. So, you can expect more traffic and higher conversions with our article writers working for you.

Our article writing can be custom-tailored to your specific demographic both in the way it is optimized for search engines as well as in writing style. For instance, if you want to target high net worth individuals between the ages of 45-50 in the UK, you’ll want articles that are in UK English, with a professional tone. On the contrary, if you were a teen fashion brand, the articles would be more casual and easier to read with modern terms, with short sentences.

Our writing services deliver articles that are ready to publish. Each article has already been through multiple edits, and so it has been refined to near perfection. All you need is to publish it on your website. We don’t believe in delivering subpar content by cutting corners to save a few cents.

At Copywriting Services Pro.com, we take measures to ensure that our clients are always more than satisfied with the work we deliver. What’s more is the fact that if we, in the rare instance, miss something, you have the right to ask for a revision with most of our packages. So, in a way, we leave nothing to chance.

We want you to get high quality content fast, and that’s exactly what our team is trained to do. But we don’t want you going back and forth with revisions. Our tightly honed process ensures 99% satisfaction across our entire client base. So, you can be assured of excellent satisfaction because we uphold the highest writing standards in the industry.

By hiring us, you are freeing yourself and others at your company from the cumbersome job of generating written content, checking it for errors, and optimizing it. Our service does it all, and most of it from very little input from you. However, we always appreciate the input and especially feedback from our valued clients. We do it correctly the first time! That way, you save time, money, and a great deal of frustration compared to hiring any other service.

Other Reasons to Hire Us

  • The Most Competitive ‘Per Word’ Prices in the Industry: Our prices are highly competitive. Not only are we 25% cheaper than competition writing services but deliver the same if not better quality for the price. So, you can expect the most bang for your money when hiring us.
  • Custom Content as Per Your Specifications: We work hard to make sure that every article delivers on your specifications. Whether it be word count, research, writing style, or any other metric, as professionals, there is no article we can’t write. However, the more input you offer, the easier it becomes for us to deliver exactly what is needed. That translates to the best results for your business.
  • Writing That’s Tailored to Your Needs: Need a product review? Perhaps a silo style article? We can do that and more. If there is a specific style that you’re looking for, which is unusual, our team will be willing to work on that with you too. However, it will require additional input from you.
  • Get Articles Fast: We offer the fastest custom content service in the industry. Unlike other businesses, we don’t state delivery time that’s unrealistic for us and then ask for an extension. When you hire us, there are rarely any requests for an extension. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why we are considered the most reliable content service is because we always deliver on time, which is quicker than the competition.


Q. What is an Article Writer?
A. An article writer is a seasoned professional who drafts articles. Our team comprises of the most experienced writers who have been writing for over a decade. Each one is an American writer, with at least a college education. So, that enables us to take on projects of all sizes and types.  Furthermore, we can guarantee low per word prices while ensuring original content.

Q. Where Can I Buy Content for My Website?
A. You can buy content for your website right here! We offer custom content for websites, blogs, content marketing, etc. You can also contact our team to find out more about our website content writing services.

Our SEO Article Writing Philosophy

When it comes to doing SEO writing, quality matters a great deal more than anything else. Quality articles keep people on your site longer; they motivate visitors to share, and that, in turn, helps improve your ability to convert and rank better. That’s why all the highest-ranking sites have excellent quality content, and to rank, you need that too.

Why Choose Our Service?

We are amongst the most seasoned article writers in the industry. Every article writer on our team has written thousands of articles over the time they have been with us. Plus, unlike other services, our writers are in-house. Having in-house writers makes it possible to train and control the quality of the articles produced.

Furthermore, it also ensures feedback from the editor and you, i.e., the client will get to the writer right away. All of which works out to a top-quality service that does not break the bank.

Streamlined Original Quality Article Production 

Our professional writing services are meant to cater to all businesses. However, experience has shown that some writers are better at writing certain types of articles than others. That’s why we have teams of writers that cover an array of niches and article types. So, that allows us to pair the type of content you need to the right team. That team is then responsible for researching, drafting, editing, and sending the article to the editor for final review.

It is rare for our editor to send articles back to a team, but it does happen. It may occur if there are errors, the quality isn’t up to the mark, or a critical point may be missing. However, that’s one of the biggest advantages of taking this so-called ‘multi-layer’ in-house approach.

To us, this is the best approach and has proven highly successful over the years. Not only does it ensure that you are delivered the best quality content, but also that our team continues to learn and grow as writers. So, we see it as a win-win for everyone!

Why Outsource Article Writing?

One of the biggest reasons to outsource your content is to free yourself up to handle other tasks. Our low per word price ensures that businesses save not only time but also money. However, we are aware that the majority of services out there may not be considered good or at least up to the mark for most businesses. That said, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the article writing industry, with the best writers, and excellent per word prices.

You don’t have to hire a writing team or have a writing department to get quality content, and we prove that with our services. Hundreds of clients depend on us to deliver content that matches their brand’s values, tone, and audience, so you can too!

The Best Article Writing Service 

All gaurantees aside, with us you have the option of trying out our service with a single article! No other article service gives you this option. If you don't like what you get, we return your money!

If you need helping with our SEO article writing or have a question please feel free to get in touch with us! 

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