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​Our professional copywriting services take your blog, website, and articles to a whole new level! Breeze past the competition when you have a bunch of seasoned professionals on your side.

Want to improve sales, reduce bounce rate and build authority? We can help you!
keyword optimized, written by professionals and ready to rock

Our professional copywriting services will ensure that every page on your website is keyword and content optimized. Driving sales, credibility and authority through the roof. How is that possible? Well, almost all of Google’s latest updates have focused on creating compelling and robust copy that answers the questions asked by their searchers. Websites that have well written, keyword rich and useful copy rank higher than others.

As professional copywriters, we know exactly how to write. Our professional copywriting services are meant to serve both Google’s algorithm and people alike…now that’s a tricky line to tow but its needed.

Professionally Written Content That Earns You Authority Status

Our goal is to pack your website with lots of informative blog posts, helpful web pages and landing pages that help you convert faster. We also provide SEO-friendly article writing which helps to create impactful guest posts further helping you drive more traffic.

The Only Professional Copywriting Services with a Guarantee

That’s Right! unlike other professional copywriting services we guarantee that all content written will be 100% original. Our professional copywriters will thoroughly research, then draft and finally edit your content to ensure that it is free from grammar errors, typos, and other common issues. Plus, each piece of content written is passed through a series of automated checking programs to ensure that it is SEO friendly, original and free from all possible grammar issues (once again before being delivered). This ‘Double Pass’ as we like to call it is the reason why this guarantee is in place.


Professionally Crafted Blog Posts

​Professional blog posts can help ​connect you to your target audience. It can also help you build credibility. A well written blog post can do more for conversions than pages of sales content. Our professional blog post writers ensure that every word written is geared towards providing readers value. Ensuring value directly translates to more visitors, your content becoming a source of free backlinks and better search engine ranking.

  • Written by professional Native English Speaking Bloggers
  • ​All blog posts are keyword Optimized
  • ​100% Free Revisions
professional copywriting services

​Website Content Writing Service

​Your website is a store front. Would you walk into a shabby, dangerous looking store run by a person who looked like a con artist? Similarly content on your website matters more than businesses would like to believe. Our professional website content writers inject personality, branding, and most all of value into each page of content. The result is a much lower bounce rate, higher conversions and and easier branding. 

  • ​Engaging, Professional and Consist Tone, Great for Branding
  • ​SEO and ​Conversion Focused Content
  • ​100% Free Revisions

Press Releases Writing Service 

​Get the word out about your latest venture or product in the most effective manner. Press Release syndication costs an arm and a leg for small businesses. That's why you'll always want to maximize that opportunity with a professionally written press release. Our professional press release writers ensure that each release is drafted for maximum impact which supercharges your PR campaign unlike anything you've ever seen. 

  • ​Each Press Release is 400 Words Long
  • ​Keyword Optimized ​PRs to Attract Search Engine Traffic
  • ​100% Free Revisions

​​Email and Newsletter Writing Service 

​​Most Email and Newsletter campaigns fail because they are boring and unprofessional. Businesses shouldn't skimp on this very important conversion factor. Research and our own experience shows that professionally written Newsletter and Email campaigns improve conversions by 200%. So, take your Email and Newsletter campaign to the next level with our professional writers on your side.

  • ​Engage with your target audience
  • ​We Draft goal oriented emails and newsletters
  • ​100% Free Revisions

​Product Descriptions Writing Service

​Did you know that a professionally written product description can boost sales by 35% percent? Not to mention the fact that a professionally written description that's keyword optimized helps you pull in more search engine traffic and build credibility. We have years of experience writing product descriptions and understand the psychology of the buyer for most major industries. All of this allows us to draft some of the most effective product descriptions for eBay, Amazon and online stores. 

  • ​Product and feature focused descriptions 
  • ​Each description is written with your target market in mind
  • ​100% Free Revisions

"SONNA African Textiles has been strongly supported by Copywriting Services Pro for the past four years. We have worked together to improve our company’s visibility, branding and market reach across social media, and the internet in general. They have supported the company with professional copywriting, website and bounce rate analysis making tweaks to improve conversions. The one significant advantage of working with the company is that they provide every service we needed to get ahead of the competition. Qualified, understanding and patient, the company, continues to work with us on newer more ambitious projects."

Alex Ramos, CEO and Owner of SONNA African Textiles


Why Choose Our Professional Copywriting Services?​​​​​

​Digital marketing, Advertising and Branding can be challenging enough. Knowing what content is right for your product, service or industry is difficult. That's where we come in! We take the frustration associated with constant trial and and error out of the equation with our professional writing services.


Communicate With ​Your Writer

​Communicating with one professional copywriter takes the stress and frustration that you may have felt when dealing with big companies with multiple writers. We don't play the blame game here! 


Creative Copywriting 

​Whether you need a creatively written bio, product description or web content that accurately reflects your expertise we are the right people for the job.


SEO Friendly Content 

​All professionally written content is optimized for search engines. We make sure it is keyword optimized for the primary and secondary keywords you're targeting. We have your SEO covered! 


Unlimited Revisions 

While most copywriting services charge you per revision we don't! We will revise and fix any errors for free. We continue to work with you till fully satisfied!


Free Consultation 

​Need help to figure out if your content is good enough? or have a question about the bounce rate on your website? We can help you for free! 


24/7 Customer Service 

​We are at yor service 24/7 except of course on Christmas and New Year. But we do make exceptions! 

​Make Your Success A Reality With Our Award Winning Professional Copywriting Services​

​Choose ​A Copywriting ​Solution That Works For You!

​Blog Posts 

​Professionally Crafted Blog Posts

​1 Blog Post 

​500 Words ​and keyword optimized 

  • check
    ​Professionally Researched & Written
  • check
    ​100% Free Revisions
  • check
    ​48 ​Hours Turnaround ​
  • check
    ​Copyscape and Grammarly Passed

$​24.99 / ​per blog post

​Website Content

​Sell Your Services Like a Pro

​5 pages ​on average

​3-350 words ​on average per page

  • check
    ​SEO keyword optimized
  • check
    ​100% Free Revisions
  • check
    ​72 ​Hours Turnaround 
  • check
    ​Professionally Edited and Styled

$​87.99 /5 pages

​Press Releases

​Ignite Your Marketing Campaign Today

​1 ​Press Release

​450 ​Words

  • check
    ​Drafted by a professional journalist
  • check
    ​SEO keyword optimized 
  • check
    ​100% Free Revisions 
  • check
    ​48 Hours Turnaround

$​29.99 / ​per press release

​Email & Newsletters

​Boost Conversions Like  Pro

​1 ​Email or Newsletter

500 words ​on average 

  • check
    ​Crafted with your goals in mind
  • check
    ​Based on your custom specifications
  • check
    ​100% Free Revisions
  • check
    ​48 Hours Turnaround

$24.99 / ​per email or newsletter

​Product Descriptions

​A Surefire Way to Increase Sales

​1 ​Product Description 

​500 Words o​r more depending...

  • check
    ​Each product is thoroughly researched
  • check
    ​Drafted by a professional copywriter
  • check
    ​100% Free Revisions 
  • check
    ​48 Hours Turnaround

$​2​4.99/ ​per description

​If you have any more questions or need to place a custom order, get in touch! 

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