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Are Duplicates of Copywriting Orders Kept?

Yes. Every content writing assignment we produce is backed-up on a cloud server. Should a client accidentally ​ lose a ​Copywriting ​Services order, a simple email request asking for an original copy is all that is needed.

Does Copywriting Services Pro Submit Completed Copywriting Orders to Article Directories?

Typically customers do this on their own accord, but we do offer this as part of our SEO services. Please phone or email the Copywriting Services Pro help desk for more details regarding this particular service.

Can My Copywriting Orders Be Resold?

By you, yes. By us, no. All assignments produced by Copywriting Services Pro become the property of the customer after purchase. Though copies of each copywriting services assignment are retained on a cloud server, they are not resold, republished or re-purposed–ever. In short, content writing assignments become the legal intellectual property of the customer once purchased. However, in the event an order is not purchased by the customer, it remains the legal intellectual property of Copywriting Services Pro.

Can Homework Assignments or Adult Material Be Submitted in a Copywriting Services Request?

No. Copywriting Services Pro does not create copy orders with obscene content or student homework. These orders will be promptly returned and not fulfilled.

Do I Need a Unique Username and Password to Place Copywriting Orders?

No; again. Hey, that’s the fourth “No” answer in a row! By baseball and football standards, the side has long since been retired. We know you already have a slew of usernames and passwords for various sites–and that’s quite enough. We don’t require our content writing customers to use a special username and password.

In What Style and Format are SEO Copy Orders Written?

Copywriting Services Pro creates all its content writing orders according to the AP Style Guide. Completed assignments are then delivered in plain text or in formatted HTML code. We find this makes it both familiar to readers and easy for customers to copy and paste their order(s).

How Many Words Do I Need?

Typical copywriting services orders are between 350 and 450 words. Orders can exceed that but for search engine optimization purposes, the suggested length is between 350 and 500 words. Anything over 500 words should be broken up into separate pieces.

Where Do I Find Keywords?

There are many keyword tools on the Internet. Google’s Adwords is one of the best at identifying keywords.

Can I Get Authority Citations/Sources in My Copywriting Article Order?

Sure. We understand that authority citations or sources are relate credibility. These are typically news sites, educational institutions, industry leaders and government sites (e.g. “according to Prestigious University“, “as documented by a study conducted by Industry Leader“, “as published in a report by Credible News Agency“). Just include it in the Order Description field.

How Many Authority Citations/Sources in My Copywriting Article Order Should I Request?

We recommend between one and three citations/sources. SEO copy, articles, press releases, news stories and blog posts are most convincing when citations/sources are not overused. Too many and readers infer your site is not credible because it’s seeking authority from others.

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