​About Us

​Learn about the Award Winning Team of Copywiters behind some of the most well known brands in addition to a few lesser known ones!

Our Philosophy

Copywriting Services Pro believes each client, every order has a unique purpose. And we take our role seriously in making that purpose known. Our philosophy is to craft content that speaks not only to an audience, but to each client. Every word is important. Each sentence counts. And we use our writing gift to help each customer realize their goal.

Our Mission

​We’re here to change the world one word at a time. While our impact might not seem significant, it has been well established that the pen is mightier than the sword. The right words carry tremendous power. It’s not about the best sales pitch, but the people that make it all work. Copywriting Services Pro mission is to serve our clients’ needs.

   Our Expertise

​Journalists, editors and journeyman freelancers are what we are. Creating content that is tailored to the client’s needs is our job. All of our writers and editors are well-versed in the tricks of the trade and have amassed an impressive portfolio. So, you benefit from our expertise without the drawbacks associated with trial and error associated with writers who have little experience.

Our Team

  • Owen E. Richason IV

  • Senior Copywriter

    ​Owen E. Richason IV, the founder of Copywriting Services Pro, is an online copywriter, SEO aggregator, and social media promoter. His work has appeared in the Houston Chronicle, on Business.com, Tampa Bay Business and Financier, AOL and numerous other blogs and websites. Owen is a journeyman freelancer, making his way from a hard-copy broadsheet into the digital age, growing with the Internet as it developed.​

    ​Bill Jefferson 

    SEO Copywriter/Senior Editor

    Brendan Conley is a writer and editor. With many years of experience in journalism and the legal field, and dozens of essays and articles published in books, periodicals, and online, Brendan can and does craft and shape masterful content.

    Caitlin Lazenby

    SEO Copywriter/Editor

    Caitlin has written for small circulation print publications and has edited many websites for live launch. She has extensive experience in ghostwriting for blogs, websites, promotional and marketing literature. Her online work has given her a look behind off-page SEO. From career advice blogs to travel tips to household budgeting, Caitlin has created and edited an exceptional range of content.

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