How SEO Content Writing Services Scam People?

So, your company or startup has a website, and now you’re looking for ways to start pulling in traffic. One of the first things you ought to do is to create content and lots of it. Google, Bing, and Yahoo love websites with a lot of useful content. However, apart from being useful it also has to be optimized for search engines. That’s where hiring SEO content writing services come in.

Content writing services are a dime a dozen, and so are the so-called experts that can do it all. You will also run into so-called SEO writers who promise to ensure that your web pages rank high with their highly optimized content. The truth is that while there are genuine, good and professional content writers, the majority of people making promises are crooks, for lack of better word.

As a company that provides SEO writing services, we’ve heard a zillion horror stories. So, much so that we decided to put together this public service type article. If anything, these should help you steer clear of content writers that charge you money but don’t do anything in return.  

Super Cheap and Lightning Quick

Ever run into a freelance SEO writer or a company that promises to provide you with excellent quality optimized content, in 24 hours and for an unbelievable price? Well if you have then hold on before ordering and here is why!

Even if they do provide you with the content, it will be low quality. Think…who in their right minds can write high quality, SEO optimized content, multiple pages in under 24 hours? If they can, then it is most probably run by a company employing a team. If they are cheap, then the team consists of a bunch of cheap writers to whom they outsource. Either way, the outcome isn’t pretty for you.

We’ve had clients come to us because the company they hired to write the content disappeared. Many tell us stories of content that was so bad that their 10-year-old could better. So, if you are going to spend time and money on hiring someone make sure they are professionals with repute.

SEO Content Writing Services on Freelancing Platforms

Sure! You can find a freelance copywriter on platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer. However, these platforms notoriously difficult to use. Navigating through the Terms of Service requires a law degree. Worst of all they ask you for documents like your social security card, photograph, etc. While all of this is to prevent people from getting scammed, there are still many scamming people. That’s why you are 40% more likely to run into scammers on these platforms if you’re not savvy enough to filter out all the junk bids your project receives.

You also need to understand that any freelance writer or content creator who is really good does not have the time to bid on cheap projects. Most times they are occupied making money with loads of orders flowing through their websites or personal contacts. So, finding a gem is possible but difficult.

Scammers will exploit freelancing platforms by bidding insanely low; they will pretend to be from a first world country and show a bunch of copied articles as part of their portfolio. Their goal is to get you to send them money before they do any work. Once you do, they withdraw that money and run away.

The platforms clearly state that in the event of fraud they don’t cover anything. So, apart from the platform being in it for the 10% commission they don’t care about the freelancer or the employer. That’s why our advice is to avoid freelancing platforms altogether.

The Content Writing Company Does not have Live Chat or a Phone Number

If you are going to hire an SEO content writing service, make sure that there is a number you can call. Email only is a big red flag. What if you paid and they never respond to your email? Live chat though being second best still works if you’re paying a comparatively low price.

Always make sure that the company you hire has live chat or better yet a number you can call. If not avoid the SEO content writing company like the plague. They may not necessarily be scammers but they can sure as hell make it impossible to get a response when you need them the most.

Final ​Word

When you’re in the market for SEO content writing services it pays to take your time. Don’t rush into hiring a so-called professional copywriter or content writer because they are cheap. At the end of the day, SEO content needs to be high-quality if it is not then you might get penalized!

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