Our Amazon Copywriting Service can help boost your conversions and here is how…

Perfectly crafted product descriptions by a team of seasoned professional Amazon copywriters are guaranteed turbocharge your conversions. We use tried, tested and proven techniques ​​which have helped our clients ​4x their sales almost overnight.

Our Amazon Copywriting Service can help boost your conversions and here is how…

Perfectly crafted product descriptions by a team of seasoned professionals will turbocharge your conversions. We use tried, tested and proven techniques which have helped our cliens triple their sales almost overnight.

How do you beat the competition on Amazon with an Amazon Copywriting Service?

The simple answer to that is with great copy! A well written, professional Amazon product copy for your products will not only help boost conversions but also ensures that you rank well in Amazon’s searches for that product.

Selling on Amazon can be both lucrative and challenging. You’re competing against literally hundreds of similar listings that are selling the maybe the same product. The only way to stand out apart from having great reviews is to have great copy. Our seasoned Amazon copywriter can help you do just that!

As someone who has sold products on Amazon for over a decade, the one thing I’ve learned is that your description matters. A well-described product that’s easy to understand and geared towards your target market will convert like crazy.

Over the years I’ve mastered the art of writing compelling, high ranking, search optimized Amazon product copy. It has not only helped me sell over 100,000 products and counting but has also helped my clients.

Great Amazon Product Descriptions Don’t Have to Be Expensive!

We have seen some professional Amazon Copywriting Services charging hundreds of dollars. That’s ridiculous by any measure. Yes, we know from personal experience that writing high conversion Amazon Product Descriptions is a tough job. Sometimes it takes us the entire day to write one description. But you don’t have to sell your kidney to pay us!

As seasoned Amazon listing copywriters we can advise you on what type of images to use, how to format your Amazon Store and other titbits of information absolutely free! Also, our clients get to consult with us at any time, so we are in with you for the long haul!


Perfectly crafted original copy for each product

All Amazon product descriptions are written with for your specific product. ​An Amazon product listing copywriter ​will do the research required to determine who your prospective buyers are, what else they like and how old they are. All of this helps us build a buyer profile.

We then start writing for that particular buyer profile. In our experience this technique works 99% of the time and leads to a 2x increase in sales.

Our Amazon copywriting service crafts unique, exciting and sales-boosting copy using the after-mentioned techniques:

  • ​USPs matter and are mentioned at the very beginning with the most interesting one first.
  • ​We make sure that the description stands out from all the others selling same or similar products.
  • ​As a professional writer, I will inject humor, and fun into the description which is shown to boost sales significantly.
  • ​Also, part of the service is ensuring that the description is optimized for search engines.

"​I never understood the true value of professionally written Amazon Product Descriptions until I met these guys. They promised an explosion in my otherwise sluggish sales. I’m a seasoned Amazon Seller but was about to give up on a few products, so used their services as a last-ditch effort.

They are truly professional Amazon copywriters who know what they are doing! Highly recommended."

Roy Polesky, ​Serial Entrepreneur and Amazon's Star Seller

Here are a few more reasons to hire our Amazon copywriting service?


​Speak Directly with the Writer

​​Unlike other Amazon Copywriter Services you communicate directly with the writer. You discuss your product, your current sales figures, target market and everything in between. 


​Buyer Profile Creation

​Our Amazon listing copywriter will create a buyer profile for each product. That profile allows us to then craft highly compelling Amazon descriptions. Our experience proves that this is the best way to improve conversions.


​Amazon Search Friendly Content 

​The only way you're going to sell on Amazon if your products get noticed. Now for that to happen your content needs to be optimized for their search engine among other things. We make sure that your Amazon Descriptions are search optimized. 


Unlimited Revisions 

While most Amazon product copywrit​ers ​charge you per revision we don't! We will revise and fix any errors for free. We continue to work with you till fully satisfied!


Free Consultation 

​Can't understand why your product won't sell? How to best format your store's layout? ​We can help you. 


24/7 Customer Service 

​We are at your service 24/7 except of course on Christmas and New Year. But we do make exceptions! 

​Amazon Copywriting Service

​Professional Amazon Product Descriptions

​1 x Product Description 

​800-1000 words Per Description

  • Each product description is professionally crafted.
  • ​Free Revisions. 
  • 3-Day Delivery
  • ​Free Customer Support
  • ​Send us a link to your Amazon Product
  • ​A brief about your company and product

​$60/per description

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