5 Reasons to buy SEO Articles Written by Professionals

I was called by a client a couple of minutes ago asking me if it was possible to draft a few SEO articles. While him buying articles from me isn’t new, the fact that he wanted to buy SEO articles was indeed surprising.

My client who runs an SEO company used to generally outsource optimized keyword content writing to cheaper writers based in countries like the Philippines. He reasoned that Google does not understand if what’s written is grammatically correct or is even written by a native speaker. Most of that content I assume was used for paid guest posts.

So, what changed his mind? Well actually as it turns out many things made him change his mind. It would change your mind too. Below we look at five reasons why it's indeed a good idea to hire professionals to write your SEO content.

Reason no. 1: Low-Quality Guest Posting Websites are Being Penalized

When you buy SEO articles which are destined to be paid posts keep in mind that apart from the standard PA, DA, DR, TF and CF quality of the posts matter. Google has recently gone on a rampage penalizing websites for having low quality and often unrelated content. So, webmasters whose bread and butter depends on their sites ranking well and pulling in traffic are scrambling to improve quality.

Many webmasters that sell paid guest posts have been forced to evaluate the quality of the submissions they receive. Unlike perhaps a couple of months ago webmasters are not accepting so-called borderline readable, original content. Good content and only the best are accepted!

Also, webmasters will make sure that your content is free from grammar errors, not overly optimized and sales oriented. Since they are extra careful, it only stands to reason that you hire the best possible service.

Reason no. 2: Quality Content Outranks All the Cheap Stuff

Here is an exercise: Google a keyword you’re trying to target, how many that rank in the top 10 of SERPs are low-quality articles from low-quality websites? Almost none. But if you do see a few, that only means there is an opportunity for you buy SEO articles written professionally and start ranking.

Many times, you can outrank the competition without even building backlinks. I’ve seen content written by Our Article Writing Services outrank low-quality content without a single backlink, and that’s how I know it can be done.

Google uses artificial intelligence which is a lot more intelligent than people assume. The AI in our assumption and from what we hear can tell the difference between articles written with God awful grammar and those with proper grammar. That said if programs like Grammarly can spot grammar errors then what’s to say that Google’s search algorithm can’t.

According to SEO experts, Google probably awards a quality score to each page based on its quality. The quality factors most probably include originality, grammar, reading ease, etc. So, by hiring professional SEO writers, you can be sure that all these boxes are ticked to get your content off on the right foot.

Reason no. 3: Buy SEO Articles that Add Value

Hiring a professional writer assures you of quality. However, a professional writer with SEO experience the kind we have can assure you of highly optimized content.

When we write SEO articles its all about ensuring that the article adds value. By value, we mean that the article offers actionable and useful information. Take, for instance; a keyword optimized automotive review requires more than just ensuring that all the keywords are used because all other competing reviews are doing the same thing.

The review should offer something that’s not available in other competing reviews like a list of pros and cons for instance, or perhaps a comparison with a competing model. Regardless, of what that may be as soon as it starts adding value, Google knows it is good quality, and so it receives a higher quality score.

Reason no. 4: Saves You a Lot of Time

The average high-quality SEO article takes around 2.5 hours to write. That’s right! So, as a business owner, you probably have a lot of better things to do than sitting down to writer maybe SEO articles.


When you buy SEO articles from professional services such as ours, it is designed to help save you time and effort. We do all the work, i.e., read all the technical jargon and research all the competing articles to ensure that you get the very best quality.

So, not only are the articles we write optimized for Google and other search engines, but it is also optimized for readers. That means you’ll make sales, get signups, etc.

Reason no. 5: You Will Rank Higher and Faster

Buying quality SEO articles by professionals will help your website rise in SERPs faster. Google likes well-written content that people love to read. As soon as people start reading your articles and spending time on the page, that automatically leads to higher rankings.

Our years of experience has proven that when you buy SEO articles by our professionals ranking higher becomes easier. Our clients consistently outrank the competition with minimal SEO effort. So, in fact, you spend a lot less time on link building and more time doing business.

Even the best quality, most expensive links in the world can’t help if your website’s content is low quality. So, you might as well buy SEO articles which have been proven to rank you higher!