​3 Things Copywriting Services Can Learn From Home TV Shopping

I run a copywriting service as its pretty obvious from my blog. However, the one question that I get asked a lot is how come my copywriting services are better? Well for one I watch a lot of TV!

As a professional copywriter mainly for squeeze pages, website content and blog posts I can’t afford to go creatively bankrupt. I need to ensure that my creative side is constantly stimulated. Plus with clients trying to hound me down to work on their latest project it's hard to get decent reading done. So, I watch documentaries, Netflix and read magazines. However, none of that compares to the kind of stimulation I get by watching Home TV shopping advertisements and here’s why?

Home TV Shopping helps dumb down my vocabulary

Growing up my father actively made sure that my vocabulary was better than every other kid my age. I’m proud of it, but if that gets in the way of writing smooth sales copy, then I better get rid of it. Many professional copywriting services can learn a thing or two about dumbing down their writing style. These adverts are so effective because they are easy to follow and relate to.

Simple language works because:

  • It does not require much attention to understand. So, someone watching a podcast can easily read and understand what you’re selling. Plus, you’re catering to a much wider audience than just college graduates.
  • The other major incentive to use simple language is because everyone understands simple English. A Spanish speaking mom with rudimentary English skills may want to buy the same microwave as a college educated attorney. Why build language barriers when you’re selling something to anyone and everyone.
  • Making the sales page, website copy or any other form of content simple ensures it transcends international borders.

Copywriting services should bring in a few experts

Almost every Home TV shopping advertisement has one old looking expert endorsing the item. So, each revolutionary frying pan is endorsed by a chef, who keeps calling it great.

The chef essentially tells people who know nothing about frying pans that this is the best product. Which means that they don’t need to pull out their phones and Google. Additionally, it triggers that immediate sale that these advertisements are intended to deliver since many are just selling gimmicky products.

Using professional endorsement in your copy

  • If you’ve been published in the New York Times, mention it. You’re an expert!
  • Make sure it is mentioned in the first half of the copy and is instantly tied in with the product or service.

Right now, and right here

Many copywriting services don’t understand the concept of selling the product right away. These Home TV Shopping producers are aware of the fact that people should to buy right away. If they don’t then they will probably never.

So, they offer incentives. The first ten callers get a discount, free gift, you name it! That’s what your copy needs.

The trick though is to convey urgency but without coming across as pushy. Copywriting services don’t know how to do that but its simple. Have multiple call to actions that are not in their face but instead offers them an incentive to click the ‘buy’ button and not the ‘x’ to close the tab.

Sellers beware

​Hiring bad copywriting services does a great deal of damage to your website. I get calls from many clients all the time who want me to redo their content. The problem here is that it will take 3x the time for them to recover from the damage. So, you better hire a professional copywriter for the job from the get-go even if it costs you a lot more.