When to Hire Professional Website Copywriting Services?

One of the most frequently asked questions by business owners who are becoming serious about their online presence is when to hire professional website copywriting services. Well, the simple answer to that is at the very beginning. The day your website goes live that’s when you should have a great deal of high quality, professionally written web copy. If that’s not the case, your website will just go into oblivion and in some cases will require that you work harder to salvage.

However, let’s say that your website has been gathering virtual dust for a while and now you’re sure that it is a great tool to make sales or gather leads. There are a couple of steps you should take before hiring website copywriting services; we will examine those steps below.

Make sure your website design is great

Good, OK, and fine are no longer enough. You’re up against an increasing number of competitors who are spending top dollar on their websites. The design of your website should fulfill the following needs:

  • Ensure that it can accommodate long copy, e., between 700-1200 words at least.
  • It should have an easy to use backend like ‘WordPress’ which makes administration easy.
  • The design should be easy to read, have your company colors included.
  • Make sure that your website has a blog section because this is where you’ll add fresh content every week.

Always have a toll-free number

If you’re selling products online, there is a good chance that all your competitors or at least the big ones have toll-free numbers. The good news is that getting one is easy and cheap. Plus, when you hire professional website copywriting services, they can weave the toll-free number into the content like a call to action. Being able to weave that into the content will increase your chances of collecting leads or getting inquiries.

Hire a professional copywriter with experience

Website copywriting services and freelancers number in the literal hundreds but they are all not good. As a matter of fact, in my experience, 90% are awful, 5% are good, 4% are very good, and hardly 1% are excellent. Your goal depending on your budget would be to hire ones that number in the 5% at least. These copywriters have a lot of experience, have worked on websites similar to yours and will demonstrate their ability to put their sales skills to good use on your website.

It goes without saying that writing website copy is not an easy job especially if it needs to be done right. So, you’ll probably spend a lot of money on this bit. But once it’s done, you’ll also get the best results regarding SEO juice, and consequently leads. So, it’s worth spending here.

Update your blog every 48 hours

You can hire a professional copywriter to write specific blog posts. Each blog post should be SEO optimized backed by good keyword research. So, ideally, the professional you hire will be familiar with both SEO, blogging and working with WordPress. That way you can sit back and work on your business while the writer does their thing.

Ask the writer to schedule a post between 500-700 words and post it every second day to your blog. That way your website will receive a lot of fresh content which goes down well with Google.


When engaging professional website copywriting services, you’d ideally also want to make sure that they can do everything for you. That way the quality will be consistent across the website. Consistency with content in terms of writing style and value are two things you shouldn’t overlook.