Tools all Freelance Copywriting Services Should Use

Over the past couple of years, the emphasis on generating excellent quality unique content has grown tremendously. Google and other search engines today value high-quality content more than ever before. This has, of course, encouraged the growth of numerous amateur, cheap and even seasoned writing services. Plus, there is a growing demand for freelance copywriting services which for the most part are cheap. Though if you’re running a service, there are several challenges that you need to overcome on a daily basis. But with the right tools, things become a lot easier.

Most freelance copywriting services are notorious for bad grammar

Its true I’ve worked with several services over the past 15 years and most of them, I would say perhaps 90% had terrible grammar. Many services would not even offer an excuse for typos, missing commas, and bad spelling. As the price goes down, these writers are trying to work faster, to get more articles finished in a given time to make more money. So, naturally quality suffers.

That said if you’re a startup service whose trying hard to provide quality content writing instead of just rehashed words, a tool like Grammarly can be invaluable. While it’s certainly not perfect, it helps find what you can’t otherwise see. Plus, you can customize it for the type of English you’re writing from formal to American, British, Australian, etc.

Use an organizer

When you’re juggling multiple clients its easy to forget a deadline, that is especially true if you’re working solo. When I need a copywriter to take on some writing work for me one of the first things that I look at is how reliable they are with a small job. If they turn that back in time, the chances are that they will get more work from me.

Even a simple Excel spreadsheet with the deadline for every client, the number of articles and a couple of other details should help you stay on track. I would also usually add the price per article and their priority level just to ensure that the ones paying the most perhaps get their articles a bit ahead of time.

A freelance SEO copywriter should use Majestic

Yes! Freelance copywriting services don’t have to be SEO specialists. However, if you’re taking on SEO writing jobs, it pays to have a premium Majestic membership. The reason being that most times your clients have no idea if the keywords they are targeting is even good. Sometimes they would even ask you to do the keyword research. Which means you have an opportunity to make slightly more money. That’s where Majestic comes in handy, and it’s a lot easier to use than Google’s AdWords too, though the latter is free.

If you’re looking for a way to woo your clients with superior writing and SEO skills, trust me Majestic is invaluable in this regard. But for over $300 a year, you better be making good use of it.

Have fun!

At the end of the day, you’ll only be writing for the next five years if its fun. I’ve seen many good freelance writers just give up because they hated writing after a while. If you’re offering freelance copywriting services, try taking a few days off now and then. Plus, take on projects that you feel are interesting and fun. That way you get paid to write what you love!